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Online poker sites

Admittedly, online poker was far more popular a decade ago, in the mid-2000s than it is today. That is slowly starting to change, though. Online poker went through a bit of a bad patch with the collapse of Poker Stars, and several other major poker domains, which were linked up in a money laundering and fraud scandal. Those dark days seem to be behind online poker sites, though, and playing poker online is suddenly becoming respectable again. These modern poker sites are far more transparent, far fairer, and far more exciting than their early predecessors were, and that makes them well worth a look.

What is an online poker site, though? Naturally, an online poker site is a website which allows you to play poker online, either for real money or for fun. That is the simplistic, elementary part, and you probably knew that already. What you may not have known is that online poker sites generally tend to offer you much more than basic poker games. They carry major tournaments, a host of other games, and top notch security, too. Read on to find out more about online poker sites.

Online poker games

Let’s start with the types of poker games you can play. First and foremost, Texas Hold‘em and Casino Hold‘em tend to be the most popular poker games that you can find at most online poker sites. These games may have several rule changes and variants, depending on where it is you are playing, but if you have an inkling on how to play hold’em poker, you should have no difficulties getting to grips with these standard poker titles.

As well as the classic hold’em games, online poker sites also carry a number of other poker games, as well as variants. After all, some players wish to play with exceptionally high stakes, whilst others – especially newbies – cannot afford to spend a month’s salary on a game. Various low-roller and high-roller versions of poker games can be found at poker sites, as well as games such as Omaha, and Hi/Lo.

In truth, the types of poker games you can play at an online poker site has little to do with the website itself, but the software provider which the poker site has chosen to go with.

What about other card games?

Whilst a player visiting an online poker website will most likely be interested in playing games, they may also be tempted to play other games. After all, playing non-stop poker can be tiring even for die-hard poker fans. Players who want to try their hand at other games may be in luck, it just depends on where they decide to play their favourite games.

Whilst virtually no major online poker sites offer up slot machine games, a good number of them do offer other, more traditional casino games for you to play. The vast majority of these games tend to be card games, such as baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean poker, paigow poker, or red dog poker, although various forms of stud and brag can be played, too. This is certainly not the case of all poker sites, but some do offer you the chance to switch games. In fact, some online poker sites (although, admittedly, not many at all) permit you to play roulette and video poker games.

Promotions and bonuses

Like virtually all major gambling websites, poker sites often offer all new players the chance to claim welcome bonuses. In some cases, these will be no deposit deals, and in others, they will be match deposit bonuses. These bonuses can only be used on poker games, though, and not any range of side-games that a poker site may be carrying.

Aside from welcome bonus and deposit bonus deals, most poker sites offer some kind of loyalty deals. Often, these deals come in the form of rakebacks or points. Players who acquire a certain number of loyalty points by playing games and placing bets at a poker site can convert those points into real cash. Rakebacks are a percentage of the rakes taken by the poker site and are offered back to the player as rewards for playing.

Cashback deals and entry into exclusive tournaments are other promotions and bonuses you may find open to you at poker sites. In truth, the array of promotions and bonuses varies wildly at poker websites, and online poker sites have nowhere near as many offers and deals as casinos and other gambling websites.

Tournaments and tables

Online poker sites should be thought of in the same manner as real poker tables in a casino. There are a specific number of seats at each game, and players may be required to wait until a table is free during peak hours. However, with so many games to play, you are always guaranteed a poker game of some kind or another in the UK’s top poker sites. Many poker sites host Sit & Go games, so you can pop in play and leave as you see fit.

Most poker websites have an exclusive set of tournaments which are only played in their domain. Some tournaments have entry requirements, such as fees. Others have none. These tournaments are often open to all players with a suitable chip stack and can lead to pretty prosperous rewards as well as respect among fellow players.

Real and professional poker tournaments

One of the more sensational aspects of online poker sites is the ability to join satellite tournaments. These tournaments can see you enter very prestigious world famous poker tournaments if you strike it lucky and play a blinder. Some satellites lead to major monthly games within the realm of the bingo site, although others are far more lucrative. It is not uncommon to find satellite events at the biggest and best online poker sites that could see enter such prestigious tournaments as the WSOP (World Series of Poker).

Online poker sites contain a little bit of everything. Some are luxurious affairs, design for the cream of the crop of the poker world. Others are suited for amateurs and novices just starting out. Whatever your rank and experience – budding newbie or seasoned veteran – there is something for everybody in the world of online poker sites.

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