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Online bingo sites

Online bingo is a hugely popular form of entertainment and gambling in the United Kingdom. Online bingo players number into their millions and the interest in online bingo has seen innumerable online bingo sites appear for UK players. Of course, online bingo sites exist outside of the UK, too, but it is in this country that you find the greatest quantity of them and the most diverse websites.

Whether they are based on hugely successful land-based bingo chains, form part of an online casino or sportsbook’s bingo offerings, or are an independent and themed bingo site, the UK’s top bingo sites all have a few things in common. Over the course of this article, we will look at what those things are and try to help you decide just what makes an online bingo site tick, and why they should be for you.

Online bingo games

There are so many different types of online bingo games that you can play. Some bingo sites specialise in just one kind, although the bigger and better bingo domains will offer you a wealth of different bingo variants. Keep in mind that some bingo variants are more popular in certain parts of the world than others.

American players tend to prefer 75-ball bingo games. These games generally come with two ways to win. Firstly, players could win by landing a pattern on the 5×5 grid of 25 numbers. Secondly, they could win by clearing the whole grid (which is known as a coverall bingo game).

By contrast, 80-ball bingo comes in a 4×4 grid, with 16 numbers appearing on each ticket. Players can win in 80-ball bingo if they land any line or column, whilst full house (clearing all numbers) and coverall games are also popular.

90-ball bingo is the UK’s bingo game of choice. As well as having the iconic calling numbers, these bingo games come with numerous prizes. Players can win with a line, two lines, or a full house. In fact, many bingo games also come with 1TG, and 2TG (one to go, and two to go) prizes up for grabs, too.

Speed bingo is another variant which is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Like mini bingo, speed bingo involves rapid, quick-fire bingo game play, which can see players play with as few as 30 numbers, to bag wins rather rapidly. These bingo games are popular with mobile users, and with players in a bit of a rush.

Snowball bingo games are also popular. These types of bingo games are often hosted once per month at bingo sites and can see players win a big jackpot if they call bingo within a certain number of calls. If they fail to do so, the prize rolls over and gets bigger for the next time the game is played, rather like a snowball.

Promotions and bonuses

Most major bingo sites come with a host of different promotions and bonuses for players. Of course, there are the standard welcome bonuses for players, and these often include both no deposit deals for newbies, as well as match deposit bonuses for players, too, when they start to deposit. Frequent reload bonuses are also part and parcel of a typical bingo site’s promotional schedule.

As well as deposit deals, don’t be surprised to find BOGOF and Happy Hour bingo deals at your favourite bingo sites. BOGOF stands for buy one get one free, and these deals can see you pocket a two-for-one deal on tickets to bingo games. Happy Hours do a similar sort of thing, but the wording can change at bingo sites.

Many top bingo sites like to use free bingo as a lure. These bonuses are often awarded to newbies who decide to sign up at the bingo sites for the very first time. However, players will also find free bingo rooms occur rather frequently, sometimes daily at the best bingo sites. Free bingo games will only ever see you win petite cash prizes. However, those cash prizes come without risk to yourself so why wouldn’t you take them?

Competitions and prize draws are always in demand at bingo sites. The very best online bingo sites will offer regular bingo competitions such as chat games, and frequent prize draws. Players can earn tickets at bingo sites by playing bingo or winning on bingo games. The more tickets you get, the more chances you have of being selected for a prize in a prize draw. Players will note that most of the promotions and bonuses that can be found at online bingo sites are quite reminiscent of the kinds of deals you would find in a run-of-the-mill high street bingo club.

Other games you can play at bingo sites

It isn’t all about bingo at most online bingo sites, though. In fact, most bingo sites carry an exciting range of side-games, too. Don’t be surprised to find a selection of slot machine games, and perhaps even a few table games at top quality bingo sites. Obviously, the more impressive and popular a software developer the bingo site has providing it with games, the larger the selection and the more appealing those side games are going to be. Players may also be able to play mobile bingo and mobile side-games whilst playing at the larger, more popular bingo websites.

Don’t forget that bingo lingo

Online bingo sites are certainly some of the most entertaining and fun-filled gambling websites you can choose to join. Roomies will also learn a thing or two whilst playing at online bingo sites. You will rapidly pick up bingo lingo as you go along. This can be anything from BOGOF to 1TG and 2TG, to roomies, as well as all your traditional bingo calls, and oddities such as TOH (top of the hour). You needn’t be an expert in bingo lingo to have fun. The very best online bingo sites are communities, though, and you can enjoy social gaming with other players far more at online bingo sites than is true of other gambling websites.

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