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Gambling SOS is dedicated to finding and bringing you the very best no deposit bonuses from the best online casinos and gambling sites.

Playing with a no deposit bonus is a great way of getting to know a new casino and testing out new casino games, slots, etc. No deposit free cash can usually be used on multiple different games whereas no deposit free spins can usually only be used on one particular casino game or on games from one casino software provider. You should read the terms and conditions when applying to any free no deposit bonus.  Always make sure that you understand the rules and limitations applied. This will help you avoid making mistakes that can render your bonus invalid. This will also give you a better chance of making the wagering requirements efficiently and effectively so that you can cash out any winnings you may be lucky enough to gain!

See casino site for up to date promotional info. min. 18+
See casino site for up to date promotional info. min. 18+
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What are No deposit bonuses?

No deposit bonuses are one of the most common types of internet casino bonuses you can claim. They are commonly found at most major online casino sites, and are usually offered to new players who are choosing to join a casino for the very first time. In this sense, many no deposit bonuses work as welcome bonuses. When they are offered as part of a welcome package, no deposit bonuses come in three main formats. We’ll take a little look at these three varieties, as well as everything else concerning no deposit bonuses right now in this piece.


Free cash no deposit bonus

The most commonly offered type of no deposit bonus is the free cash offer. Generally speaking, this is usually a small sum of cash – often no larger than a tenner, or £25 at the most. Occasionally, it can be worth as little as £5. It is offered as soon as a player signs up and registers at an online casino. You are free to spend this little bonus on a large selection of games and you can use it to win real money. It is designed to give you a taste of what you could be playing at the site with our own money, later on down the line. This bonus is generally offered alongside a match deposit bonus, when you do decide to deposit using your own cash.

The other major type of no deposit welcome bonus which involves free cash is the timed no deposit bonus. In contrast to the first offer, this one is worth plenty of cash, sometimes as much as a couple of thousand pounds. Unlike the first offer, this bonus is timed and players must play through the total amount they receive within an hour. After that hour (if they have wagered every cent of the bonus) they will be allowed to keep whatever they have won, up to a specific amount. This bonus is valid on all games at the casino (barring a select few, such as progressive jackpot slots). A casino which offers you such a large sum as a no deposit bonus is rarely going to offer you a match deposit bonus afterwards.

Free spins no deposit bonus

There is one final type of no deposit welcome bonus which can be claimed at some online casinos. This is a free spins bonus. This no deposit bonus can see players rewarded with a specific number of free spins on slot machines supported at the casino, instead of free cash. In many cases, these free spins are played with the lowest wager possible at the casino (so 1p per line), but you can keep anything you win. Because it is usually a small figure that you are given, don’t expect to win too much with free spin no deposit bonuses. Just like the smaller cash-based no deposit welcome bonus, free spin deals tend to be issued alongside match deposit welcome bonuses.

Already existing players

Not all no deposit bonuses are welcome bonuses. In fact, many casinos out there will issue no deposit bonuses to already existing players as a form of reward. Some casinos simply throw a spot of free cash or free spins at you as a type of loyalty bonus, and other casinos allow you to purchase these bonuses with points (just like in a shop), which you earn by playing games at their site. Loyalty bonuses aren’t the only no deposit bonuses offered by casinos, though.

Already existing players at casinos may also be available to claim refer-a-friend bonuses, birthday bonuses, and the aforementioned free spin offers as forms of no deposit bonuses throughout their time at any given casino. Of course, the availability of these offers varies from casino to casino.

Some no deposit bonuses are available for already existing players, these can include loyalty bonuses, refer-a-friend and birthday bonuses, as well as the aforementioned free spins deal, and many more.

Wagering requirements, and eligibility

No deposit bonuses often still come with wagering requirements, and rules for eligibility. Wagering requirements are a stipulation which require you to wager the total bonus amount received a specific number of times before you can withdraw. This is perfectly normal for an online casino bonus. It is the casino’s way of ensuring that you don’t run away with their money. Wagering requirements vary from offer to offer and casino to casino, but some no deposit bonuses – it must be said – are free of wagering requirements, although this is rare.

Not all players may be eligible for a no deposit bonus, either. No deposit bonuses are often region specific, so make sure that you read through the terms and conditions of each bonus to see if you are eligible to claim the offer, and what kind of wagering requirements you are looking at.

Why would I, and should I claim a no deposit bonus offer?

No deposit bonuses are ideal for all players. Why would you sign up at an online casino and blast your hard earned cash, only to realise you don’t like either them or their games? By claiming a no deposit bonus, you can check out exactly what the casino can do for you, and the games they have before you ever spend a penny of your own money. A no deposit bonus allows you to “test-drive” a casino before you decide to play for real money.

Given that you have absolutely nothing to lose, we’d recommend taking no deposit bonuses. It is perfectly normal for a casino to require you to enter your card details to verify your identity. They won’t charge you. If they require you to be charged, or to make a deposit, then the offer is not a no deposit bonus and should therefore be avoided. No deposit bonuses never require you to put any money into an online casino. You should only do that once you are satisfied with everything the casino has to offer, and that is when you’ll look at claiming match deposit bonuses instead of no deposit bonuses.

 About Free Spins No Deposit Required

What are free spins?

There are two types of free spins bonuses that casinos offer. There are the no deposit free spins upon registration of an account and then there are free spins that come with deposit bonuses. When you make a deposit you are likely to receive a percentage match on your deposit as well as a certain number of free spins. As the name of our website suggests, we are really only going to be focussing on the free spins bonuses (and free cash bonuses) that casinos offer without you having to make any deposit. Risk free in other words and with the potential of you being able to make a withdrawal.

What types of free spins can I get?

One lump of free spins

Lots of casinos offer you an x amount of free spins just for signing up. These can be played straight away on a particular fruit machine or on a selection of fruit machines. You will usually have a set time period in which you have to play through your free spins and within which you must also clear any wagering requirements. This could be 24 or 48 hours, 7 days or in some cases 14 or even 30 days.

Daily free spins

Some casinos split their free spins bonuses up in to smaller chunks and spread them out over a few days. For example a casino offering you 50 free spins might allow you to play them all in one go, while another casino might offer you 10 free spins per day for 5 days. Another casino may give you 20 free spins spread out over 4 days. In these situations you have to play your free spins during the selected 24 hour period.

Netent Starburst free spins

The Starburst fruit machine from Net Entertainment is an absolute legend. So it is no surprise that a great many free spins offers limit the spins to the Starburst fruit machine. There is another good reason for this as well though. The lowest bet available on Starburst is 10 pence per spin. This means a casino can offer you a lot of free spins but actually not risk too much free money. At some Microgaming casinos you will see free spins being offered on 9 line slots where each spin is worth 9 pence though there are plenty of times when you will get the free spins on a 10, 15, 20 or 25 line fruit machine, though you can bet your bottom dollar that you will get far fewer free spins on a 25 line fruit machine than you will be offered on a 9 or 10 line fruit machine.

The same applies to Net Entertainment where you may come across the 10 line Joker Pro fruit machine or the 10 line Aloha Cluster Pays fruity or perhaps the 15 line classic fruit machine Steam Tower. I could carry on and give examples from casinos offering free spins on Playtech fruit machines or those from IGT, NYX or Yggdrasil Gaming, etc but I think you get the picture by now!

Any NetEnt slot free spins

A new feature showing up in the market lately (during 2016 is when this started) is offering free spins on ANY Net Entertainment fruit machine. This is where you get to choose your own fruity to play your free spins on. The key thing here is to know your win lines and play your spins on a fruit machine with the most amount of win lines. My suggestion would be to try When Pigs Fly or Reel Rush which both have 50 win lines making your entire free spin collection worth five times as much as if you had chosen Starburst.

Wagering free free spins

Wagering free free spins are another new concept started in 2015 at a small handful of casinos but really gaining momentum in 2016. This concept is where you are not tied to any wagering requirements at all from your free spins meaning any winnings are yours to cash out. This usually applies only to free spins given when you make a deposit or those that you gain during the course of your play by making certain achievements. But on a very rare occasion you may find these wagering free spins attached to a no deposit bonus. These offers won’t last long of course because the casinos do not like simply handing out free money for absolutely nothing but occasionally one of these offers might slip through the net. This is another good reason why you should keep your eyes on the bonus terms and conditions and general terms and conditions at all times.

Yggdrasil Gaming Super Spins

Super spins on Yggdrasil Gaming fruit machines are a very, very new concept. So new in fact that as of late 2016 there are no casinos yet which offer them as a no deposit bonus. There is a very good reason why and that is because the players need to be educated on why they are so great before they will sound appealing. There are two sorts of Super Spins, a cumulative win spin and single win spins, a cumulative win spin means that you keep playing free spins until your total wins add up to the set amount, a single win spin means that your free spins only stop when you win a single win of equal to or above the set amount – the beauty of these is that any wins under the set threshold are tallied up so the longer you carry on before crossing the threshold, the bigger and bigger your winnings become, and often the threshold is high enough that when you do cross it, it means that you are onto a pretty big win just from that single spin (a bonus feature win for example).

Yggdrasil Gaming Super Spins come in a couple of shapes and sizes:
1) A minimum cumulative win of 1.00
2) A minimum single win spin of 1.00
3) A minimum cumulative win of 7.50
4) A minimum single win spin of 7.50

Big spins

Big spins are basically decent sized free spins so rather than a basic 10 pence or 20 pence free spin, these free spins are worth 50 pence or one pound. These big spins are usually offered for deposit bonuses or for loyalty schemes because despite them being great, the general player market hasn’t been educated on them enough yet and therefore advertising them is harder than offering more free spins but at a lower value.

Mega spins

The concept here is the same as for the big spins and mainly offered through casino loyalty schemes. Mega spins should be worth one, two or three pounds per spin.

Wheel of fortune spins

There are a number of casinos who have their own wheel of fortune type of gig or they have a special custom fruit machine used for loyalty schemes or for their welcome bonuses. On these you do not receive a set bonus amount, instead you get one or two spins on their wheel of fortune and the outcome of that determines your bonus. Bonuses here range from free spins, big spins, free cash or even a jackpot amount. In most instances the bonus you end up with should be pretty decent.

Free money spins

Here are the easiest no deposit bonuses you can get. A casino will offer you somewhere in the region of 5 pounds, 10 pounds and 20 pounds as a no deposit signup bonus. There are set wagering requirements attached and if you beat the requirements then the money is yours to keep. A strategy will be involved with these bonuses, do you immediately go all out and bet the maximum bet size you are allowed to or do you play it safe and try and win with tiny bets?

60 Free Spins No Deposit Required

60 free spins no deposit required… Can’t quire believe a casino can offer you so much potential free money? Well get ready to be even more surprised because we have made special deals with two casinos which not only offer you 60 free spins without having to make a deposit but these free spins can be played on a selection of Net Entertainment fruit machines. So rather than your free spins being worth 6 quid playing on Starburst, if you play your cards right your spins can be worth a hell of a lot more! Check this page and see which casinos we found for you!

25 Free Spins No Deposit Required

A number of casinos offer you a very generous 25 no deposit free spins. These offers vary from slot to slot you make sure you read the tions and terms..

20 Free Spins No Deposit Required

The most popular amount of free spins you can find without making a deposit is 20. Once again you will find these are offered on a number of different fruit machines depending on the casino.

10 Free Spins No Deposit

While 10 free spins might seem a little bit stingy, and in many cases 10 free spins on Starburst for example can be worth virtually nothing at all, it is always worth reading a little further because 10 free spins on Marvel fruit machines means you can pick out a 50 line fruity and have a chance of actually pulling something decent out of the hat.

Sticky no deposit bonus

There are two types of no deposit bonus and casino welcome bonus in general. Sticky and cashable. A sticky no deposit bonus is where the initial free money is not in itself cashable, only any extra winnings on top that you win is available for you to withdraw. For sticky free spins bonus the initial winnings from the free spins bonus is sticky and only any extra winnings on top is available for withdrawal.

Cashable no deposit bonus

A cashable no deposit bonus is where your full bonus balance is available for withdrawal. These are obviously the holy grail of no deposit bonuses.

Why do casinos give out no deposit free spins?

No deposit free spins and no deposit cash bonuses are loss leaders. Much like a supermarket will give special offers well under the cost price for certain goods to get customer loyalty and to get them through the door in the first place, likewise a casino needs to do something special in order to get players into their sites in this vastly overcrowded market place.

In most cases a no deposit bonus will never be cashed out by the player and a small percent of the players will end up playing their for real money. So it is a simple marketing tactic which has worked for years and doesn’t look like changing much any time soon.

Bonus hunters

Of course there are always some wily players who never make a single deposit on their online casino journey. They take advantage of every no deposit bonus going. Sometimes referred to as bonus whores, these players have had a huge impact on the industry as in the earlier days, back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s when no deposit offers were more generous and the rules and regulations tied to them were far less strict. Casinos lost a huge amount of money to these players and therefore the casinos had to adapt to limit their losses. For this reason we now see the wagering requirements and other terms as we will outline below.

Wagering requirements on free spins

Wagering requirements on a deposit bonus are relatively simple and straight forward affair. You usually have to wager something like 40 times the bonus amount or maybe 30 times the deposit plus bonus amount. For a no deposit cash bonus it is also simple, you will have to wager anything between 20 and 99 times the value of the bonus granted to you. Around the 40 to 50 mark is quite common. So for a 10 pound free bonus you will have to turn that over say 500 pounds before you can cash out whatever you have left in your balance.

But how does it work for free spins? Well I’m glad you asked. The wagering amount is based on how much you win from the free spins granted to you. Say for example you are given 20 free spins no deposit. You play these 20 spins and you have exactly 10 pounds in winnings. It is this ten pounds that you have to wager, again usually 40 or 50 times. Say you only win 1 pound from your free spins then you only have to wager 4 or 5 pounds before you can cash out your balance. Simples!

Maximum wins with free spins bonus

Some no deposit bonuses are limit free meaning if you win a million quid from your free spins and you complete wagering then you can cash out the lot! More commonly there will be a maximum amount of money you can win, be that 20 quid from some places or 100 or 200 pounds at other casinos. Again you need to check the terms and conditions for each casino as if the maximum you can win is 1,000 and you have a balance of over that once your wagering requirements are met, then you may as well cash out immediately as there is no more you can possibly win.

The exception to this rule is on progressive jackpots, jackpots that are help by the fruit machine operator rather than the casino itself. There are two ways this can go, either you are exempt from playing on jackpot fruit machines or alternatively the jackpot fruit machines are allowed and if you win a jackpot, these winnings are themselves exempt from the maximum withdrawal rules. Please read the terms carefully as there are some dodgy casinos out there which will allow you to play the jackpot fruit machines but not pay you out any jackpot wins. This is highly unethical and in our opinion downright theft as the casinos have nothing to do with progressive jackpots and are therefore basically stealing any progressive jackpot wins for themselves!

Game limitations with free spins bonus

As mentioned sometimes progressive jackpot fruit machines are barred from playing when using a free spins bonus or when using the winnings from the free spins but before wagering is completed. There are also often times when fruit machines with certain bonus features are barred when using any kind of bonus. These are fruit machines like Tower Quest from Play n Go, Robin Hood from NetEnt, Castle Builder from Rabcat or Wish Master from NetEnt. There are many more in actual fact. The reason for this banning is that these are slots where you can stack up bonus features whilst using a bonus and then cash them in once wagering is completed. Bonus stacking or bonus parking is the phrase for this type of cheating and is naturally not something casinos are willing to let happen.

Max bet limitations

In 99.9% of the times when playing with any kind of bonus at any casino, you will have a maximum bet limit you must adhere to. Breaking the limit will make all your bonus funds null and void. The reason behind this rule is that playing a certain way with a bonus can give the player a statistical edge over the casino. By this I will explain with an example, at one casino we have spoken to there was a team of players from the same city in the same country, all using the same affiliate website and all using the same deposit method. At the time the casino had no max bet rule in place and this team of fraudsters took the full no deposit bonus plus the full deposit bonus and played one single fruit machine consecutively with each account in turn. They were betting 50 quid per spin and only required to land the feature bonus on one of the accounts in order to break even and only on two accounts in order to make a huge profit as a whole. As it happens they were lucky and scored big on 4 of the accounts and the casino being a relative newcomer at the time almost went bankrupt.

It is quite simple now really, play by the rules, take advantage of the risk free no deposit bonus and you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Making a tenner from a no deposit bonus is great, make a hundred and you have done very well. But don’t try and cheat the casino to win thousands as you just won’t get away with it.

Max bet sizes are generally around the 5 pound mnark though we have seen it as low as 4 pounds and as high as 20 pounds per spin.

Verification restrictions before no deposit free spins are activated

A lot if not most casinos will require a bare minimum verification before granting you your no deposit bonus. This can be a simple email verification or a verification code sent by SMS / text message but in extreme circumstances can be providing your credit card details or even full verification of your account (more on that below). We don’t really see the need for full verification or even credit card verification to get your bonus granted but it is up to you to decide if it is worth giving out so many details straight away.

Verification (know your customer) before withdrawal

In order to make a withdrawal from a no deposit bonus you will need to provide the casino with your real identity. This is to prevent fraud of course otherwise you could open a thousand accounts and wait for one of them to win big. You need to provide a picture ID, proof of a method to accept the cash (Neteller, Skrill, Bank, Credit card etc) and a copy of a utility bill or such like.

This is very standard practice and protects everyone from fraud.

Deposit before withdrawal

On rare occasions a casino may request you make a deposit to verify your banking method and details before you make a withdrawal of your bonus winnings. This is not something we like to see so please read the terms before you sign up to the casino in the first place and if this clause is included then make sure you understand any red tape involved. If you win from your no deposit bonus and are required to make a deposit of 10 or 25 pounds before withdrawal then make sure there are no fees involved and make sure you don’t accept any kind of bonus where extra wagering requirements are applied. This is how some casinos try to get you, in fact we have seen some rogue casinos make it virtually impossible to lose a no deposit bonus but then require a deposit and then make it virtually impossible to clear extra terms and cash out. Trust me, there are some very very bad people in the online gambling industry, some (a lot in fact) have been jailed over the last decade or two but there are always other con men out there willing to take their place and try and steal your hard earned money.

Casino welcome bonus

Finally of course there are the casino welcome bonuses. These are the bonuses where you have to spend your own money. You buy in for 50 or 100 pounds (or a tenner or whatever you like) and the casino will match it with an extra 100% or 160% or 400% or something. Generally 100% plus maybe some more free spins are offered. Each casino offers something different. If you are tempted to use a deposit bonus because you found a casino you like or one which has the fruit machines you enjoy playing, then remember to play responsibly and use any and or all the responsible gaming limits the casino has to offer.

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